Feb 17, 2008

Maria Makes Ming

In a shameless attempt to gain publicy for minganthology.blogspot.com, Ming has condescended to wine and dine the delightful Maria Buttaroma. Ever the big sport, Ming graciously allowed his dinner companion to supersize her order. After dinner he presented her with a complimentary mezzaluna for use in her family's Brooklyn restaurant. The delighted Maria, agog at such generosity, and giddy that such a luminary would take an interest in her feckless existence, nonetheless declined both Ming's lascivious overtures and his somewhat lubricious suggestions. She cites her network's policy against saying anything positive about Ming. A grateful Maria did however, present Ming with an 8x10 glossy of her holding " Stock Market for Dummies" upside down. Next week Ming hopes to make Jim Cramer his chum whilst fishing off the Jersey coast. Bon appetite fishies.

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